In Psalm 11:3, Jeremiah 16:19, Matthew 27:21-25 Leviticus 26:39 says; “And they that are left of you shall pine away in their iniquity in your enemies lands: and also in the iniquities of their fathers shall they pine away with them.”

Foundation is a solid ground on which the wall of a building is resting.

Human foundation is a person’s past, deeds and activities, and those of his/her ancestors and entire lineage

A good foundation brings about a good destiny. On the other hand, a faulty foundation gives way to a weak destiny.

Dealing with problems from your roots (foundation) is very tasking.

Problems are made to make a man get closer to God. Problems are made to make you stronger.

Problems of life are organised to make someone think a way out. There are some problems that are very deep. Others are generational.

Many people are struggling to move forward. It is very unfortunate that many do not know the roots of their problems. They keep on praying while the enemy is closing their heavens.

They keep working without no promotion. Those that are due for promotion are being denied. 

Generational battles has limited many people’s destinies.

If you don’t know the roots of your problems, the enemy will cheat on you. If you don’t know the roots of your problems, means your ancestors have hijack your spiritual life.  

One of the greatest areas Christians of nowadays needs deep deliverance is their foundation.

There is no area where the wickedness of the father’s house and mother’s house are pronounced than in our foundation.

It is rather shameful to see some people who suppose to be dealing with the root of their foundation are busy doing other things that are not too relevant to their problems.

The enemy has destroyed the foundation of many people way back from their father or mother’s house. Other people’s destiny have been terminated through ancestral powers.

And many cannot fulfil their destiny in life because there is foundation of idolary that has arrested them in the spirit.

When the enemy wants to attack a man and destroy his foundation completely, he makes sure that there is a serious problem in their family. As soon as the foundation is affected, the destiny of that person will be full of failures, errors, struggles and demotion.

Our foundation is the heart beat of our destiny. Once your foundation is collapsed, broken, or unsettled, it will back bounce on your life, marriage or whatever you do.

The problem is that most people who suffer from foundational problems are under the spell of delay, poverty, late marriage, unnecessary hatred, too much disappointments, untimely death and financial setbacks etc.

If you have been praying for miracles, life partner, marriage, financial favour for long times and nothing is happening, your foundation needs fire and deliverance. 

You must carryout a thorough research about your foundation. There are families where people sweat but they find it hard to achieve better things.

In many families, it is a problem of late marriage and sluggishness. Sluggish in everything they do. 

If you have observed that people find it hard to get married or to secure a good job early, it means your roots have been destroyed.

If you are here at this moment, you did not know or have ideas about the roots of your problem, you need serious prayers and deliverance.

To identify the source of your problems, you must be ready to give your life to Christ and be born again. Begin to confess your sins and let God have mercy on you again.


1. Short life

2. Profitless hard-work

3. Aimlessness – Not living a purposeful life

4. Sickness that defile medical diagnosis

5. Unexplainable marital distress/bad marriage

6. General backwardness

7. Inability to receive the power of Holy ghost

8. Difficulty in making spiritual progress (fasting, praying, reading the bible)

9. Constant failure at the edge of breakthrough

10. Collective family captivity

11. Being hated for no reason

12. Difficulty in sustaining God’s blessings

* Don’t joke with your destiny. Always have a sense of purpose

* Learn to fight your battle now for your children not to inherit it


Evangelist Chris chinemerem, called and trained by Jesus as a Soldier of Jesus during this end-time, specially trained and anointed with Holy Ghost and POWER. Evangelist Chris chinemerem is a prolific writer of Christian books and articles. Evangelist Chris chinemerem is a motivational coach of the Word of God and a Christian speaker. he's a young man of 26 who discovers the gift of God. He is a dream interpreter, a prayer warrior and deliverance enthusiast. He was born in Aba, Nigeria, into a Christian family. He is a brother raised by God and endowed with the uncommon power to demonstrate the raw power of God through deliverance and interpretation of dreams during this generation. He is a young and humble man who is open for learning and correction. He is commissioned to wish , preach, interpret dreams with a singular signs and wonders being in total confirmation within the word and thru people.


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