If you dream you came across a snake bite while driving or walking, then it is a warning  of spiritual attack. It means you are about to become poor and experience delay miracles.

If you dream that snake bite your hands, legs, it shows you will be not be able to enjoy the direction your life is taking because of enemies of your destiny.

A snake eating your food, it means you will be seeing goodness but unable to enjoy it.

A dream of a snake bite reminds you that you need to resolve or renounce the link between you and the household agent of darkness.

To encounter a very stubborn snake in your dreams is a sign of witchcraft strongman holding down your destiny and that of the family.

It also indicates you will experience evil diversion and family problem.

The bite of a snake is deadly and can sometimes lead to sickness, death and weeping.

If you see snake chasing you before biting you in the dream then it indicates unrepentant and stubborn powers assigned to imprison you. It shows you are at the verge of giving up.

  If you see many snakes bite you in the dream this can be associated with poverty, ignorance, unexplainable loss of good things If the snake bites your body in the dream, this can indicate that you will struggle to be fruitful or blessed.

If the snake hid then it indicates your enemies are coming after you at any given time. It can interpret as darkness covering you. If you dream of encountering a black dog, then it is a bad sign. It also means your problems are coming from familiar agents.

This dream explains that you will be confronted by a person who intentionally wants to destroy you or set trap for you. 

A snake bite can appear in dreams when you are about to hit a major breakthrough in your life. To see a snake that bite your head, it indicates you won’t be able to think well in the direction of the Almighty God. 

If you see a dead snake in your dream, this symbolizes your enemies are attacked with misfortunes.

On the other hand, if you were trying to kill the snake and it escaped, this means more demonic attacks.

Psalm 140:3  They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison is under their lips. Selah If you see a big anaconda opened its mouth and swallowed you, this means its time to take care of yourself through deliverance.

This dream can also indicates the activity of ancestral idols working against your benefits.

Maybe as a firstborn of your family and great things have never been recorded on your side.

The dream where green snakes, yellow snakes, red snakes, black snakes attack you, this altogether means the arrow of non-achievement has been fired against you.

This is true when you see yourself struggling to accomplish easy things.

Maybe you see many green snakes etc, it means that a person is going not to prosper as a result of his foundation.

If your dream involves a two snakes fighting each other, then this indicates soul tie with the ancestral line of your family.

The problem of this dream is that, it would covert every blessing in your life to curse.

No matter how you may look at it, dreaming about yellow snake, green snakes, black snakes etc are demonic.


Evangelist Chris chinemerem, called and trained by Jesus as a Soldier of Jesus during this end-time, specially trained and anointed with Holy Ghost and POWER. Evangelist Chris chinemerem is a prolific writer of Christian books and articles. Evangelist Chris chinemerem is a motivational coach of the Word of God and a Christian speaker. he's a young man of 26 who discovers the gift of God. He is a dream interpreter, a prayer warrior and deliverance enthusiast. He was born in Aba, Nigeria, into a Christian family. He is a brother raised by God and endowed with the uncommon power to demonstrate the raw power of God through deliverance and interpretation of dreams during this generation. He is a young and humble man who is open for learning and correction. He is commissioned to wish , preach, interpret dreams with a singular signs and wonders being in total confirmation within the word and thru people.


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